In-System Programming & Functional Test

The reliability, modularity, scalability & flexibility expected from a Functional Test Electronics products and In-System Programming their memory devices is now real thanks to the existance of the EZ4000 system.


Worldwide technical support through KeySight, NI, SMH & INGUN, and on-site installation everywhere!


  1. Could Program up to 10,000+ different devices
  2. Program up to 32 devices at the same time!
  3. Powered by TestStand & LabView
  4. Holding of multiple firmware files to be programmed
  5. Multiple programming protocols supported
  6. Dynamic data programming “Serial number, production site, MAC, etc..”
  7. Friendly GUI
  8. Software with Log file generation, FPY indicators and cycle counter with automated messages for maintenance plan purposes
  9. Administrator, technician, and operator could be configured to grant different access permissions
  10. A wealth of technical and operational information in the “online help menu”
  11. Software updates as part of the yearly support contract


  1. Small Footprint.
  2. PXI technology for functional Test purposes
  3. Flash Runner In System Programmers
  4. No vacuum or pneumatics required to operate the fixture.
  5. Easy and cost effective model changes
  6. Ergonomic manual actuation (No vacuum or pneumatics required)
  7. Superior Signal Integrity for ISP purposes by using PCB technology towards increasing PRODUCTIVITY and REPEATABILITY
  8. RF Testing capabilities using INGUN RF cassetes & NI/KeySight instrumentation
  9. Reliable Windows OS workstation
  10. Fixtures usable area:450 x 320 mm
  11. Two programmable power supplies (0-20v or 0-60v )



  1. Minority Owned Business
  2. Self Certified Small Disadvantaged Business
  3. Hispanic American Owned